Yoga Nation Wellbeing Hub & Holistic Rehabilitation Centre CIC

Welcome to Yoga Nation, the first hot yoga studio in Liverpool! We like to think that we are more than a yoga studio, but a community. We are open every day, feel free to drop in or call us.  


 The Yoga Nation Team

Our goal is to provide a welcoming and warm atmosphere for everyone, from seasoned Yogi's to people who have never before tried Yoga. As Liverpool's first Hot Yoga Studio in the Community, we want Yoga to become accessible to all. We can provide you with a Yoga Mat and a Towel if needed, as well as refreshments, so you only need to bring yourself!


Most of our classes are in our Hot Studio with temperature going up to 35°C, however we do take it easy during the Summer months offering some cooler classes. Advice for any newcomer would be to ensure they are hydrated before class, and not to worry if you need a break, even daily practicers do! The benefits of yoga are endless, yoga can be a tough workout but as you get to know your body you are increasing flexibility, improving breathing patterns, strengthening muscles and becoming more mindful as you do so.

Our Studio

We are more than just a Hot Yoga studio, we have a supportive and engaged community that would love to welcome you to Yoga Nation.


Everybody is welcome so feel free to give us a call, or even drop into our Studio.







Our Plans

Yoga Nation membership programmes are designed to reward loyalty and provide a significant discount to individuals who attend one or even more weekly classes at our wellbeing hubs on a regular basis.

Community Impact 

The physical and social environment in which we live and work has an important influence on our health and wellbeing. Which is why we believe in creating a positive community impact.